Tranexamic Acid with Prof. Coats

May 1, 2016

Prof. Coats talks about his recent EMJ editorial on Tranexamic Acid. An #EM3 (East Midlands Emergency Medicine Educational Media) production

Vodcast is here


A Prof. on PROMISE

April 9, 2015

Prof. Coats chats to EM3 about the PROMISE trial. We cover what he thinks the key points were, how his practice will change and what the next steps are in early goal directed therapy.





Perils of the “presenting complaint” (or Board Bingo!)

December 18, 2014

Anyone who works in the Emergency Medicine is likely to be used to an ED 'board' or screen displaying all the patients in the department. This contains information such as name, age, triage category etc. It often has a summary of what the patients, or parents/carers in case of a children's ED, said they came with...

or more correctly what the admissions clerk wrote down what they came is with...

or, as we find out in this podcast between Dr. Gareth Lewis and I, maybe something else entirely. 

We discuss what to look out for in the small amount of information you get on the ED board and give some examples of our favourite 'presenting complaint' errors!


Compassion in Emergency Care: More than a cup of coffee?

October 14, 2014

Discussion with Dr. Pro Mukherjee about compassion in emergency care. Part of a series of video casts in the Emergency Medicine East Midlands Educational Media programme.


Leading an Emergency Department

August 15, 2014

Inspired by the St. Emlyn's team podcasts Dr. Damian Roland and Prof. Tim Coats have recorded some tips on running a busy Emergency Department. Although intended for juniors in our department we hope it has applicability to anyone involved in delivering Emergency Care.